North Korea scolds South Korea over Internet censorship

31 01 2007

North Korea came out and lambasted the South Korean government for blocking access to Pro-North Korean websites and websites sympathetic to the North, arguing that this was violating the South Korean public’s basic right to information.

North Korea scolds South Korea over Internet censorship

In a statement reportedly issued by North Korea’s Official Rodong Sinmun newspaper, it cited South Korea’s actions as “violating the public’s basic right to information through the censorship of websites sympathetic to the north, and as a fascist action against democracy and human rights as it infringes upon the South Koreans’ freedom of speech and deprives them of even their right to enjoy the civilization offered by the IT age,” the North’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper reportedly said.”

I am sure i am not the only one who finds this amusing, especially coming from North Korea who routinely censors/blocks what its citizens can read or access. However, South Korea isn’t all that innocent either and whilst analyzing results for tests conducted in South Korea, what the North is claiming is TRUE as i found that many North Korean websites were blocked or filtered.

Which brought me to the question of: ‘Why would a democratic country like South Korea engage in such actions?’

Original news stories can be found here and at Reuters

For more information on South Korean internet censorship and filtering, see: ONI Report on South Korea

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