Canadian Net Neutrality

15 04 2007


Net Neutrality has been getting more attention in the Canadian media this year, and so The Citizen Hacktivist has decided to lend its hand by highlighting the cause and spreading the word. I have compiled a list of links to some excellent stories, discussions, video interviews on the issue of Net Neutrality in Canada.

Canada Sleeps Through War to ‘Save the Internet’ – Excellent article by Bryan Zandberg of The Tyee. Snippet: net neutrality in Canada hovers in a state of legal limbo; the threadbare language of the Telecommunications Act means that two-tier Internet is more than a distant possibility; it’s already here. Some Canadian providers are already engaged in some of these kinds of activities i.e. (Packet-shaping, or prioritizing the kinds of information being sent through the pipes, limiting bandwidth) , with little transparency and considerable uncertainty as to whether or not the legal system prohibits it.”

What the Canadian Government Really Thinks About Net Neutrality – By Michael Geist – An excellent discussion by Geist who discusses the issue of Net Neutrality in light of recent government documents that shed light on how the Tory government views the net neutrality issue and suggests that they are not too nervous about ISPs interfering with the Internet.

The Canadian Net Neutrality Debate – also By Michael Geist

Net Neutrality Canada – Sign the Petition. Get Informed. Kevin McArthur’s site.

Amber Mac On Net Neutrality in Canada – Excellent video interview by journalist Amber Mac with Andrew Clement, Professor of Information Studies at the University of Toronto. The interview is a good discussion of where Net Neutrality stands in Canada.

Canadians for Net Neutrality Facebook group – For my fellow cyber-activists, Hacktivists, cyber-warriors (*you need to log in). It’s a spot to try to educate people about why fighting for net neutrality is a good thing and also engage in some good discussion on the issue. After all, Facebook isn’t just for poking.






2 responses

31 03 2009

Thanks for some excellent reference links, and for your blog for that matter. I feel like a “link in your chain !”


4 12 2009

Google is coming under scrutiny for being anything but neutral – see

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