Unrest in Estonia lead to large scale attacks on government websites

30 04 2007

The unrest paralyzing Tallinn and other Estonian cities for two nights running has spilled over into cyberspace. We’re now seeing large attacks against websites run by Estonian goverment. Some of the sites are unreachable. Others are up, but do not allow any traffic from foreign IP addresses.
The recent rioting in Estonia sparked by Estonia’s removal of a Soviet-era statue sparked violent protests. According to The Guardian casualties included: one man stabbed to death, more than 150 injured, and roughly 1,000 people were detained. Unrest and riots were not restricted to the streets of Estonia and the Estonian embassy in Russia, spilling over to cyberspace. According to Interfax news  “attempts were made on Friday evening to break into the government’s websites,” the Estonian government press service told Interfax on Saturday.”

This has led access to the website of the government press service to be temporarily denied to users with foreign IP addresses to guard against attackes coming from users of foreign servers.

 F-Secure’s Security Labs Blog has some good reporting of the incident. Quoting them,

“We’re now seeing large attacks against websites run by Estonian goverment. Some of the sites are unreachable. Others are up, but do not allow any traffic from foreign IP addresses.”

“Several of the Government websites we monitored over the weekend are still down in Estonia. Some sites are up but are in “light-weight” mode. For example, the site of the Estonian Police has been changed to one text-only page.”

This is a list of Estonian government websites and the status of their accessibility (F-secure) :

http://www.peaminister.ee (Website of the prime minister): unreachable
http://www.reform.ee (Party of the prime minister): reachable
http://www.agri.ee (Ministry of Agriculture): reachable
http://www.kul.ee (Ministry of Culture): reachable
http://www.mod.gov.ee (Ministry of Defence): reachable
http://www.mkm.ee (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications): unreachable
http://www.fin.ee (Ministry of Finance): reachable
http://www.sisemin.gov.ee (Ministry of Internal Affairs): unreachable
http://www.just.ee (Ministry of Justice): reachable
http://www.sm.ee (Ministry of Social Affairs): reachable
http://www.envir.ee (Ministry of the Environment): reachable
http://www.vm.ee (Ministry of Foreign Affairs): unreachable
http://www.pol.ee (Estonian Police): reachable
http://www.valitsus.ee (Estonian Government): unreachable
http://www.riigikogu.ee (Estonian Parliament): unreachable

  FOR MORE INFORMATION including graphs, and tables please visit F-Secure’s blog here

Sources: Interfax news http://www.interfax.ru/e/B/politics/28.html?id_issue=11724022

The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/worldlatest/story/0,,-6597872,00.html

F-Secure Security Labs blog  http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/#00001181







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